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Why is PAQQ important for Indian Parents?

Why is PAQQ important  for Indian Parents?

We all know that, as parents, we are responsible for the health, safety, education, and social upbringing of our children. While this responsibility, in many developed nations, is shared by the government and its policies, in India this isn’t done in the same manner.

Governments across most developed nations, and even some developing countries, create governance to make sure that the health and safety of children is not compromised. Food and medicine advisories have a backbone, and strong teeth, to enforce these policies therefore corporations are scared to misrepresent facts and ignore directives. Citizens are sensitized to the hazards of harmful ingredients by the governments and by child interest groups.


While here, in India, we are still in the very nascent stages of policy enforcement. Also, with many bigger issues at hand for the Government, like malnutrition, poverty, population, unemployment, etcetera, child health and safety is unable to get sufficient resources allocated to it. The truth is, our government already has its hands full.

That’s why it is so important for us parents to sit up and take note of what we’re buying for our kids, what they’re eating for their meals and what they’re wearing for their clothes. We need to educate ourselves, and share our knowledge with our friends and family. We need to realize that the cost of future ailments is much more than preventive measures we can take now. The western countries where healthcare is provided by the state realize this equation, and spend significant money on education and disease prevention. Since we cannot wait for our government to be involved to the same extent, we must take this responsibility in our own hands.

We need to pledge, that we become parents that ask questions on quality and to do so, will need to educate ourselves on the impact of various chemicals that make up the products we buy today. We must ask about the ingredients, the chemicals, the manufacturing standards and act according to reliable research available globally. In doing so, we will force better products to be supplied, and ensure our little ones are protected from potential health issues as they grow in life.

  • Posted on May 11, 2016
  • By pankaj