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Little Royals – The idea

Little Royals was created in October 2013 at the dinner table of a regular family meal as our family discussed what to gift our soon to turn one year old niece.

Being from a family with a long history in the footwear industry, we quickly all agreed that the footwear of a soon-to-be walking child was critical to a young baby's feet development and gifting the 'best shoe' for the same would be a 'perfect' gift for our soon-to-be walking family member.

We wanted something that would be trendy and cute kid shoe brands, but also very importantly, good for the development of our niece, and a fashionable technical shoe for a first step child seemed to fit the bill perfectly!

So the next morning, we targeted the shops of Delhi to find this perfect present but without much success. Luckily, one of our cofounder's is an online shopping enthusiast and decided to take our search for this perfect gift online. While we found amazing brands for children footwear online and learnt new knowledge on the importance of choosing the right shoe for a growing child, all the sites that offered the shoes that fit our requirement were unfortunately based out of India and required some delivery delay. Further they were all extremely costly due to import duties and the courier costs to import these kid shoe stores into India and so not a realistic option for us as we didn't even know the right sizing for our niece.


The Little Royals website

"Providing the best shoes for little feet"

We decided to create an online shoe portal focussed on a limited age category (newborn children to age 5 years old) as we learnt that this is one of the most important development stages for the foot.

The bones begin to develop in this period and so the footwear worn must be technically made for the unique needs of growing feet, and bone development.

While globally such a product was being offered, we wanted such footwear to be available for people similar to us who want the best for the children in their family without having to buy it from a foreign website!

There was a lot of things we didn't know about children's footwear needs and once we learnt them, we wanted our portal to provide education on the right footwear for children so concerned adults could make the best decision for their child's footwear needs. Our “Childrens Feet Care” section is focussed on educating on foot care for little feet and a recommended visit for any adult looking to understand the needs of a child's foot better kid shoe brands.

To ensure visitors to our website can be 100% sure of any product they purchase from our website, we decided to only offer the brands that made the best 'technical' footwear that was made keeping a child's foot health in mind. All footwear offered on our website is from specialist children footwear brands from around the world and catered to specific needs of growing little feet.

Being for children, we wanted the collection offered should be fun, diverse and consistent with the latest fashion trends around the world and so offer styles that are consistent with the latest global fashion trends! You can find a multitude of colors good brands for shoes and over 100 different styles in our collection!

Finally, we recognised the importance of quick delivery for an online purchase and decided to put great emphasis on ensuring that our customer's receive their purchases asap! To ensure this, we warehouse our entire collection ourselves, and do not make anything available for sale unless it is physically available with us.

In creating Little Royals, we set ourselves “The Goal” :To bring the world's best footwear brands for the needs of growing little feet right to your doorstep!